Self-converting a van into a camper van & a tiny home on wheels! Get to know more about the #pakuprojekti - and the van called Pepe.

PAKUPROJEKTI is the van conversion project started by Piia and Simo back in spring 2018. With #pakuprojekti, the couple fulfilled their long-held dream — they self-converted a Ford Transit van into a tiny rolling home. Pepe the van (@pepethevan) is solar powered and has everything you need in home, including hallway, toilet, shower, kitchen, living room, office space, bedroom and garage! 🚐💕 All the material and product choices were top quality and considered well.

The young couple built the van with zero experience or skills. The #pakuprojekti was closely followed on both the couple's YouTube channel and their Instagram account. You can learn more about the van on the Pepe the van -subpage - or take a closer look inside the van on the Van Tour -video*. You can find a comprehensive but quick review of their entire project on the 'Van Build in 21 minutes' -video*. You will also find the full 38-episode VAN CONVERSION -series* on YouTube.

Instagram: @pepethevan
Instagram: @pakuprojekti
*Van conversion in 21 minutes -video: YouTube
*PAKUPROJEKTI -van conversion series: YouTube
*Van Tour - Ford Transit Conversion: YouTube

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